Product List

  • Shiv Vivah

    Product Code: PR_119

    Handmade paper with natural & fabric colour. The occasion of Lord Shiva's marriage comes to life at the master strokes of Meera.

    Artist : Meera Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Labour work

    Product Code: PR_100

    Handmade paper with natural colour. This year bring difference in the way you wish your near ones- a greeting card with Masdhubani painting is just the thing that will make you special.

    Artist : Chaturanan Jha

    Rs 200.00
  • Fish

    Product Code: PR_70

    handmade paper with natural & fabric colour

    Artist : Vidyanath Jha

    Rs 800.00
  • Suit piece

    Product Code: PR_60

    silk with fabric colour.Tops with Madhubani motifs.On cotton it is Rs. 700/-

    Artist : Jyoti Kumari

    Rs 1500.00
  • Debthan (Aaripan)

    Product Code: PR_29

    handmade paper with natural & fabric colour with cow dung water coating

    Artist : Rita Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Dupatta

    Product Code: PR_38

    Fabric colour on Cotton. A suit with a dupatta painted in Madhubani motifs add uniqueness to your style

    Artist : Heera Devi

    Rs 1200.00
  • Life

    Product Code: PR_81

    handmade paper with fabric colour

    Artist : Teera Devi

    Rs 600.00
  • Godhna ka Rass

    Product Code: PR_64

    handmade paper with natural & fabric colour

    Artist : Renu Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Small Mirror

    Product Code: PR_95

    Card board, chart paper and cotton cloth with fabric colour. Mirror with Madhubani motif looks chic.

    Artist : Archana Kumari

    Rs 200.00
  • Saree

    Product Code: PR_126

    Bhagalpuri Tasar Silk with fabric colour. Saree with motifs on various themes of Madhubani paintings will add value to your wardrobe.

    Artist : Mamta Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Kohbar

    Product Code: PR_23

    Fabric colour on silk. In Madhubani the walls of the wedding chamber used to adorned with elaborate, colorful paintings symbolizing fertility and life, with the purpose of further sacralizing marriage, increasing desire and ensuring offspring. This painting is called Kohbar painting.

    Artist : Kalyani Devi

    Rs 3000.00
  • Kohbar

    Product Code: PR_79

    Handmade paper with fabric colour. Kohbar is one of the oft painted theme, Uma adds her own touches to maker it look unique.

    Artist : Uma Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Saree

    Product Code: PR_07

    Paper silk with blouse piece by fabric colour. Saree with motif on nature by Shanti Devi

    Artist : Shanti Devi

    Rs 6000.00
  • Handmade Paper

    Product Code: PR_11

    Painting on handmade paper with natural colour

    Artist : Adhira Devi

    Rs 3800.00
  • Radha Krishna

    Product Code: PR_14

    Handmade paper with natural & fabric colour. Krishna Leela portrays the beauteous Krishna and his charming demeanor. Radha, his companion is completely enamored with his charm and Krishna plays various tricks on Radha and her companions.

    Artist : Laxmi Devi

    Rs 3750.00
  • Handmade Paper

    Product Code: PR_89

    handmade paper with natural colour

    Artist : Bandana Kumari

    Rs 2150.00
  • Stole

    Product Code: PR_43

    wool with fabric colour. Colorful stoles with artistic motifs for early winters.

    Artist : Vandana Kumari

    Rs 500.00
  • Anti-smoking & drinking

    Product Code: PR_104

    handmade paper with fabric colour

    Artist : Shalini Singh

    Rs 1500.00
  • ladies Top (Kurti)

    Product Code: PR_112

    Cotton with fabric colour. Stylish Kurties in tussar and cotton with attractive Madhubani motifs. On tussar it is Rs.750/-

    Artist : Mahesh Ch. Jha

    Rs 500.00