Painting Styles

The journey from an empty piece of paper, to the rich detailed painting is long. It involves various steps of preparing the handmade paper, collecting the ingridients for the natural colours and last but not least the lines. The artists are working with four different paintings styles, like Line Painting, Colour Painting, Godhna/Tattoo Painting and Tantric Painting.

Line painting:

In line painting -in local language also called Kachni- numerous small straight lines are used. Sometimes line paintings contain colour as well.
Colour painting:

In colour painting after the sketch is done in paper or cloth, the figures are filled in with different colours. This is also known as Bharni.
Godhna painting:

In Tatoo, or Godhna painting body art motifs have been adapted into painting. Religious symbols, especially those with talismanic powers, geometric designs, nature motifs and fortuitous symbols like the swastika are popular.
Tantrik painting:

Tantric painting is distinguished from other style of Madhubani paintings because the subjects it depicts are based solely on religious texts and characters related to them. Tantric subjects include manifestations of Maha Kali, Maha Durga, Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Ganesh along with other Tantric symbols.