About Us

We are a collective of Madhubani Painters artists living in Rajnagar block of Madhubani district. Ours is a  story of  empowerment and social inclusion through our traditional art. We commenced our journey in 2011 when we participated in an action research on professionalizing traditional art skills undertaken by www.banglanatak.com  with support of the Planning Commission of India. We are  from Simri, Satghara, Ranti and Chichri. We have formed this artists’ cluster Madhurekha to run the business. Our initiative is supported by US Department of State.

banglanatak dot com is a social enterprise working across India for fostering sustainable and equitable development using culture based approaches since 2000. Their flagship initiative Art for Life is a livelihood and holistic development model through art and culture.  Culture is a great enabler. Art for Life transforms cultural capital into socio-economic asset. The motto is "To preserve art, let artists survive". The focus is at developing a creative and self sustainable enterprise for and by the artists.